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 We specialize in Design, fabrication and installation of premium signs for businesses, public areas, corporate buildings and transit amenities, including assistance with securing proper permits for placement and usage.

Great signage attracts customers to your business. It's a key factor in a company's successful visual branding to its target consumers because the quality, prominence and aesthetic appeal of your sign determines the type of attention you will draw. The goal is to ensure that you enhance your chances of acquiring new businesses and increasing revenue with that first impression you deliver through your outdoor signage.

We are determined to provide the best options possible for those in need of 3D signages general signage, branding and visual solutions. From quality-guaranteed production to advice on materials or methods, Refmac combines knowledge, understanding and manufacturing ability to help take onboard project needs, budget and time frames. This reputation for service has allowed Refmac Signs to manufacture in-house and manage some of the largest and most exciting projects in the signage industry both locally and internationally over the last couple of years.

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LED Lit signboard Installed at the Storefront

We excel in all types of signages such as LED signboard | lightbox signs | pylon manufacturers | outdoor illuminated signs |3D signs | led sign board | led 3d letter signage | led signage and led acrylic letter sign board

Outdoor Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs work day and night to draw attention and double your visibility, driving your marketing message 24/7 and delivering maximum impact. If your business is competing for attention in a busy area bright signage will help you get noticed.

LED technology has advanced the ways in which your signs can be lit - from 3D fabricated letters, backlit logos and under awning lightboxes we will craft you the perfect sign.

Exterior illuminated signage has a youthful look that allures customers at the first look. You may have observed the streets beautifully shining with the glow panes of the most crowded outlets and stores. Illuminated exteriors of stores attract customers like moths to a flame and offer a sense of branding and brand engagement. All the shopkeepers and small business houses prefer illuminated signage boards for their logo and outlet names over contemporary plastic, iron or wooden boards. This is because illuminated signage is done through expert designers of top advertising agencies after good research and analysis. They peep into the minds of the customers and connect the storefront signage with the same wavelength of the customers. This helps in ensuring brand patronization.

These witty branding tricks can be a great business booster for a business house. They enhance the first impression of the customers and bring them towards your brand. Thus, hiring a professional agency for your branding and advertising needs helps to promote your business faster than you can ever imagine.


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