All you need to know about Rebranding to succeed


Is your business in need of rebranding?


Image renewal is refreshing, empowering and motivating. Same applies to brands. But why would a brand want to change its image? Why risk such a change?

If you are wondering about rebranding stop.

This article is here to offer valuable insights and ideas that can save your business. A rebranding program [https://www.refmacsigns.co.ke/index.php/mobile-ready ]  might be the best option for your company. And then again it might not. Keep reading to find out.

What is rebranding?

Rebranding is called the re-design of the image that represents a brand. The process starts with a new design for the logo and all elements of corporate identity such as signage in buildings [https://www.refmacsigns.co.ke/ ], business documents, packaging, leaflets, websites, applications, marketing publications. The new brand identity determines the image of all further communication with co-workers and customers.

When is rebranding necessary?

The purpose of rebranding is to reposition the brand in the market and establish the new image in the mind of its audience. Rebranding also requires a change in the marketing and advertising strategy. It is not to be taken lightly. It reflects the new orientation of the company as well as the new development strategy.

Note 1: Rebranding is important because the market is constantly changing, and competition is fierce.
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So does your brand need rebranding? To answer this question, consider the following statements:

  • The brand name no longer reflects the vision of the company
  • Staff is embarrassed to hand out business cards
  • Your competitive advantage is not apparent anymore
  • The mission of the business is not clear anymore
  • The company has outgrown the current brand
  • The brand needs to distance itself from a previous bad image
  • New orientation is necessary
  • Top talent is no longer willing to join the business.

And how about the following regarding your company:

  • Is a merge imminent?
  • Is it moving to new geographical territories?
  • Does it have a hard time communicating its values?
  • Is it having a hard time to convince its customers and increase prices?
  • Does it want to increase its influence on its customer base?
  • Is it necessary to gain more customers?

In case you agree with two or more of the previous statements your brand needs rebranding. You are in need of a rebranding program [https://www.refmacsigns.co.ke/index.php/mobile-ready] that will achieve rebranding with minimum risk. It is important to trust a reputable firm [ https://www.refmacsigns.co.ke/ ] that can execute a seamless signage conversion across locations in a timely manner.

Your brand needs to be pulling you forward and not holding you back. The new signage of your brand must be inspiring and invigorating.

The benefits of rebranding

When done correctly by experienced professionals, rebranding can revive a brand and skyrocket sales. Rebranding communicates progress and improvement. Especially for older businesses, it demonstrates a commitment to progress and future growth.

Rebranding demonstrates respect to the customer base, it demonstrates interest and care on behalf of the company. The company cares about the values it represents.

Furthermore, rebranding generates interest in the brand and offers an opportunity to your firm to differentiate itself from the competition and move forward.

When rebranding is not necessary

Not every change is for the better so remember that rebranding is not always a cure when things get tough. If you don’t like the design anymore maybe all that’s needed is a subtle change and a smaller rebranding program [ https://www.refmacsigns.co.ke/index.php/mobile-ready ].

Before making any radical decisions, do some serious research. Are you sure the signage is to blame? Do you maybe need a new message? Does your company maybe need a strong and fresh story? Proceed with caution and remember big companies that went for rebranding and then returned to their original logo (like GAP who were forced to return to their original logo six days after rebranding.)

Note 2: When rebranding is necessary, there are good ways and there are bad ways to do it. Choose wisely.

A reputable and experienced [ https://www.refmacsigns.co.ke/index.php/mobile-ready ] signage company is a necessary partner in this. You also need to be committed and determined. Think this through and make sure to compile a thorough strategy. Rebranding is not about individual aesthetics, it is about performing research and evaluating all elements

  • Determine what is wrong with current brand
  • Clearly define the goals of rebranding
  • Set a realistic budget
  • Collect all relevant information

Do your research and choose the right firm for the project [ https://www.refmacsigns.co.ke/index.php/mobile-ready ]. It is important to find a firm that can understand your needs [ https://www.refmacsigns.co.ke/ ] and deliver exactly what your company needs.

If you liked this post and found it useful, do send me a reply and ask for more. I will be happy to provide further information that can help your business.

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