Refmac’s mission since 2013 is to deliver the highest quality turn-key signs and services to the world’s most recognized brands and valued customers. We pledge to provide our employees with a safe state-of-the-art facility and a career-oriented work environment. We are committed to continually invest in progressive technologies and equipment to stay on the cutting-edge of signage design and construction


We believe our customers are our strongest partners, and understand that our success is dependent not only on exceeding your expectations in terms of quality, promptness, and reliability, but also in seeking constant improvements in our signage products and service to you. We are committed to understanding your organization, listening to your needs, and building lasting, creative customer relationships that strengthen our common interests.

Refmac delivers the industry’s highest quality signage products at a competitive price. We have the production capabilities, state-of-the-art equipment and the manpower to execute your large-scale projects, under the most challenging time constraints. Staffed by highly skilled talent, our modernized manufacturing facilities and storage space allow us to to deliver our “Just-In-Time” production capabilities that few companies can match.

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